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May 22, 2006
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Wirral, UK.
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I have a cannon SLR at the moment but I don't use all the gadgets on it..

I'm looking for a new digital camera and was thinking of the same type but I'll have to pay around £500.. If I go for a no frills instant type instead, will I get a better camera or that produces better images for my money..

Are these instant digital camera's any good??

p.s. I only stopped using all the gadgets because it was costing too much too develope the photo's I was experimenting with..
Digital SLR cameras are much better than most other digital cameras, in my opinion. The main reason is the size of the sensor (the digital film). Most digital cameras have a very small sensor (regardless of the Mega Pixel rating). Smaller sensors produce images with a lot more noise (like film grain) and less dynamic range.

A lot of the small point & shoot style cameras do have a lot of bells & whistles...mostly rubbish, IMO. They are just gimmicks to hook consumers. Some photographic knowledge and a good adjustable camera is much better.

The entry level digital cameras are probably the best digital cameras for the money. The Nikon D50, the Canon 350D etc. They are expensive but they are much better than the cheaper point & shoot digital cameras.

Also, when you buy an SLR, you are buying into a system. The lenses especially will hold their value very well. If your Canon film SLR is an EOS, then the lenses you have, will also work on a Canon EOS digital body.
Wow, Thats great news.. Thanks

I have a cannon EOS 500N with the standard 35-80mm and an extra 75-300mm ultrasonic lens..

Will these be good enough.. If so what is an ok body and how much??

Thanks again....
That's a good start. You will probably be very happy with the Canon Rebel XT (350D). It often comes with the kit lens, EF-S 18-55mm, which I would recommend you get with it. (unless you want to spend more on a better lens)

The two lenses that you have will work perfectly with the 350D. One thing to note is the "Crop Factor". While the camera does have a fairly large sensor, it's still not as big as a 35mm film frame. The lenses you have were designed for 35mm the sensor on sees the middle portion of the image projected by the lens. Effectively "cropping" the image. The view finder works just like your film you don't really have to worry about it...just know that the lenses will feel longer (by a factor of 1.6) on the digital body.

For this reason, it's hard to get a wide field of view on the digital body. This is where the 18-55 lens comes in. 18mm would be really wide on a film 35mm camera...but on this digital's about the same as 28mm would be on the film camera.

Unfortunately, the 18-55 will not work on your film camera (it's an EF-S not an EF lens). However, most lenses will work on both.

Good luck.
Thanks a lot.. how much do you think I can get this for??
Check the web sites of your local camera shops. If you want to mail-order it, be sure to use a reputable dealer, as there are many scammers out there...who advertise low prices on these cameras.

There are links to two of the best mail-order places...on the bottom of the page. B&H lists the camera with kit lens for $744 US. Plus, Canon is currently offering a $100 rebate...bringing the total to $644 US.

Of course, if you are overseas, you will probably be better off buying locally, even at a higher avoid all the charges.

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