New (old) drag racing action


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Jan 3, 2019
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Corozal, Belize
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These are from a few weeks ago. My last trip got rained out.

000_7442 - Copy.JPG
000_7783 - Copy.JPG
More gas guzzler porn. Wonderful.
One of the reasons for my hearing issues. Too many hours about that close to the line in my youth.
Nice set, the Willies was my all time favorite, love that body style.
Nice set! Really digging the purple on the SS.

Thanks. I really love the color. I have more shots of it, going faster and with more blur, but there were people in the foreground and I didn't like them.
I had to Google that. Has a different meaning here. Nuff said.😁

Mr. K9 spelled it wrong, its Willys. They also made the iconic Jeeps from WWII.

But I agree that they make awesome looking race cars.

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