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Oct 18, 2011
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Glasgow, Scotland
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I ordered a new Samsung S21 Ultra on Friday since the charging port is getting less and less reliable in my old cell phone. It turned up this morning! The delivery driver said that it was due for delivery on Monday, but he thought he'd just come round with it today which was ideal for me. I need to look into the cameras on this in a bit more detail, as apparently it's got a 108mpx primary camera, so that'll be interesting, though the camera functionality is not why I got his model.

Looks great so far, and it does seem like an upgrade over my S8!
Hey, congrats on the new phone! Moving to a new one can be daunting, depending on the model. I hope you're pleased with the performance, and even though the camera is a side feature for you, if it's better than your old one, that's also a plus.
Thanks terri, switching over is always a bit of a pain, but using samsung smart switch I seem to have been able to mirror my old phone on to the new one pretty successfully, though logging in everywhere is a pain. Seems like every app and website nowadays wants you to get an account with them. I've been using a password manager for the last wee while, so I it's not been too bad, but I've had to reset passwords on a few accounts. There's apps i've not used yet, so it will take a while to get them all logged in.

Tried the night function on the cameras last night, the AI also works in the normal camera, but it makes night shots look like daylight. A bit heavy on the processing too. Will be interesting to try it out when I'm fishing, though I may need to look into a way of reducing the effect

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