New photographer (Couple of Photos)

You will get more comments and C&C if you post your images here. Many of us will not click on a link to look at an image....
The Dre Beats isn't bad. The tones are nicely handled and it looks pretty good. The extra stuff in the frame (pen in the background, zipper/case in the foreground left) isn't adding anything, and might be taking away a bit. Nice use of darkness, shadows might benefit from not being so flat.

Portrait is soft and.. well, there's nothing there. Cute kid? Basically, this wasn't a keeper at all.

Baby Blues is an idea, and ideas are good things. The frame is pretty well laid out, again it's a bit busy in the background with Stuff that doesn't seem to be doing much for you. The subject matter is sort of meh, and the overall sense of dim light isn't working well with the bright popped colors. It's not clear what you're going for here, at least not to me. Not really a keeper in my eyes either.

Grandma is quite lovely. It feels crooked, but the light and the moment are wonderful. Grandma is maybe a little too shadowed, but I feel like there's enough light wrap to suffice, and it lends to the feeling. Well done.
Eh, I clicked :)

You've got a few decent ones on there
Bass Amp | Flickr - Photo Sharing! <- not really sure if there's a message in there somewhere (maybe in Gain?) but it's pleasing enough to look at.
Corner Pocket | Flickr - Photo Sharing! <- nice window light on the ball, but the blown spot is really blown. A different angle would have helped. Maybe down at "eye level" with the ball, capturing the nice long shadow to the side. Cliche, but still a cool shot :)
I dunno why I liked the b&w ones and not the color ones. Probably just a coincidence.
Hi, I'm new here. I have to say I clicked too and went through them all. The lizard on the tree looks great!

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I kind of like the black and white ones too, Next time i will embed the pics. Thank you all for the feedback =)

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