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May 1, 2008
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Well soon to be released - and the newer versions are supporting Canon ETTL II shooting as well - making things much simpler for the photographer.

The nikon equivalent should be released in Q2 2009 canon release is 1st March

PocketWizard® - ControlTL
Here's the link for the Video: PocketWizard® - Technology
I'm having the same problem with them that I am with Radio Poppers. Can't fire a strobe too. How damn hard is it to put a PC out on it. I guess at least with the Radio Poppers you could put a hot shoe to pc adapter on it. We'll see. I'm ordering mine as soon as they're availible for the Nikon.
odd - link was a bit slow once or twice for me - but it works
I stand corrected. You can fire a studio strobe with them. Hallelujah!! As soon as the pre order pops up for the Nikon units, I'm all over it. 1200 foot max for strobes 800 for TTL but that's plenty far enough for me.
for sale: set of Elinchrom Universal Skyports - 2 transmitters, 4 receivers :) haha. Wow, I've been playing with multi-speedlite ETTL a little lately, and really enjoy it. These PW's will come in very handy for outdoors and big rooms.
No word yet on price. I have been scouring the net but nothing.

Around $220US for the Flex5. No Nikon units until 2nd quarter of 2009.

I just ordered 3 PW IIs and will pick up 3-4 of the iTTL versions when it comes out for Nikon.

The reason I picked up these units is because they can still be triggered by the new units and since I plan on picking up a couple of moolights that are not iTTL, I don't need to waste money on the $220 receiver. I picked up the PW IIs at a reduced price *and* will get back the $25US rebate.

If you are in the market for these, get them fast... after Feb 28, the rebate ends and you are stuck paying the full prices (which dropped a little anyways with the release of the new units).

BTW, many are wanting to get these new units but are NOT getting them because you cannot use the new Canon based units manually... I am like WTF?

I am sure the Nikon units will be camera controllable in manual *and* iTTL settings so why can't the Canon units?


I am bailing out on the cactus units not becuase they are unreliable (they have yet to give me a misfire in about 4000 shots), nor becuase of the distance (they are well modded and do give me an honest 350+ foot range), but becuase they cannot do TTL and I really want to be able to do reliable longer distance TTL.

So, why did I order 3 non-TTL units? Because the new transmitters can still trigger the old Pocket Wizards and monolight heads are not TTL, but I want to be able to do both. I also want to be able to trigger both iTTL and non-iTTL setups at the same time... which *can* be done, as I did it several times this past weekend on my cactus setup and with a hotshoe mounted SB-800 as the master and 2 SB-600s as CLS slaves. I was blown away and running around with this huge smile... lol
And I just #*$()#*$ ordered my set of PWs.

Its ok... just use the PW II's on your monolight or 110v strobes, you still can get 1 stop faster shutter speeds by using the old PW II's and one single new PW (either the mini or the flex) to get faster shutter speeds on almost any camera/strobe combination.

I already ordered 3 PW II's *knowing* that I will get the TTL PWs when they come out for the Nikon later on. What got to me was that the rebate was for US citizens/addresses only, but I got around that easily enough and will get the rebate in time. ;)

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