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Feb 22, 2009
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Hello, just picked up a new p&s. It's a canon sd880. always love taking pictures but because of my interest in cars I cannot spend to much money on cameras since Im not rich :thumbdown: :lmao: c&c is very welcome, thanks in advance.


Both shots are overexposed. This can happen if you're shooting a dark object in a well lit area...the darkness of the subject can confuse the meter/in-camera processor and set the camera up to expose the shot wrong. I'm not familiar with the Canon PowerShot SD880 IS but check the manual to see if it has Exposure Compensation...if it does, read up on it and then experiment with your camera.

What shooting mode were you using?
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the cam.

Pictures look a hair overexposed (color washed out just a bit, might be a post processing thing).

Also try not to get too close to your subjects as it tends to warp the perspective a bit. You probably can't even tell but it almost looks like you're looking at the dog through a fishbowl.
these were the first few pictures i took after opening the box, so the all the settings are default. i'll post up some new ones after i get more familiar with the camera and settings

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