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Sep 21, 2010
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..............and taking pics.
Well not completely true, I have been taking photos of animals for as long as I have been keeping them. But have recently really started to get hooked on taking the best pics I possibly can.

Anyway here are some of my pics............




No pp other than cropping.:D



You need a warning for snake pics! :D Just kidding. I did get the chills though.

Welcome to the forum and watch out... everyone seems to be in an argumentative state of mind the last week or so!

Some of them are underexposed and you might play around with the DOF in the last one some more. Try not to center and maybe come from a side angle or something a lil more interesting than just straight on.

What equip are you using?

Again, welcome!
Welcome to the Glad to hear you are looking to get better!
#1 I think is your strongest out of the 3.
I like the lines that are created by the snake. The head pointing down is just great!! I might try to take this shot more straight on. I would also suggest giving a little more room on the bottom of the shot. The way you have it now it feels uncomfortable, you need to give the snakes head a little more room.

If you are interested here is a link to some guidelines in composition.......learn them and then break them as much as you want!!

10 Top Photography Composition Rules | Amateur Snapper

Keep shooting and have fun!!
welcome, #1 looks good i only wish he was looking towards the camera when you snapped the photo. #3 looks like you might have got a sharper image if you #1 had used a faster shutter or a smaller aperture. Look forward to seeing more snake images. They make great subjects :thumbup:

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