New Tripod, Which one?


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Apr 30, 2006
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Alright, I need a new tripod for my Sony Cybershot DSC-W5 and I don't know which one to get, or even how to tell which one will work! I admit I am a total noob. I really don't want to pay more than $40 or $50, I just want one that will get the job done. Thanks in advance for any help given!
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Your camera is pretty small, so any tripod should be adequate to handle the weight. The issue then becomes price and function. Do you want one that has a 3-way head? Or something more simple like a video type head that does not flip on it's side? Do you want one that has a quick release plate?

I'd suggest going to a camera shop, if you can, and seeing the different styles. Pick one that is comfortable for you. You could probably get a cheap one at Wal-mart or some other department store.

I have a couple tripods. One is a cheap/mid range model made by Velbon. It's got a built-in plastic head and flimsy legs. However it's light and does get the job done. I've also got professional Manfrotto tripod legs and metal ball head. This rig is very sturdy and strong but it's heavy....not something I would take on a hike.
There are so many selections of tripods its hard to tell you what to get. Your height is one thing to factor. Some of the lower priced ones may not be tall enough for you. May or may not care if you have to stoop over to use the camera. There are actually quite a few in your price range. The one suggestion I would make is to get one with a removeable camera plate. Hopefully one with a double locking one so no accident will occur. Most of the less expensive ones will be pretty light so don't expect miricles in wind. Of course maybe you want a light one for hiking or other activities where weight matters. Try to stay away from the all plastic ones at the local stores. If you toss them down somewhere you may find your sell buying another one.

Another choice is maybe find a good $100 one you like. And then checking ebay. Might find a deal on a used one. Photographers are always upgrading items, and letting go their replaced ones.

I have also noticed that there are some decent "looking" copies of very popular pro models being sold on ebay. They could be cheap knockoffs, or the same product without the name plate. Might just take a look.
That is excellent I am going out right now to see what I can find, great help, thanks again.:thumbup:
One more question. If I buy one on the internet, how do I know if it will fit my camera? are they all universal?
Sorry, this is my 3rd post in a row, but does this look like a good one, and compatible for my camera? I know its slightly over my price range, but if it's good, I don't care.
Tripod screws are about the only thing universal on all cameras.

You forgot to post the link. ;)
Hahaha, so I did. Sorry about that. I ended up going out to wal-mart and getting one that was on clearance for 20 bucks. I like it, it gets the job done and still seems pretty sturdy as well as light. Thanks for all the help. It also has the quick release plate, very nice.

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