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    Designed by J. Brian Caldwell, Ph.D., of Caldwell Photographic Inc.,
    the 60 mm f/4 UV-Vis-IR APO Macro is quite unique in both its optical
    quality and spectrum range.

    Imagine top quality and absolutely no focus shift over the entire spectral
    range from UV into IR (315 - 1100 nm) for a lens that would mount on
    any Nikon dSLR and couple with the camera metering.
    (or on a Canon, with an adapter).
    To achieve this, it includes five calcium fluoride elements, and 12-layers coating.

    It goes to 1:1.5 magnification, and more with PK-13 or Kenko extension

    At $8.4 per gram it's not cheap, but then it weighs only 535 gr... :wink:

    If you're interested in what a super-lens is like:

    Full report at –

    Full range of optics:


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