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Feb 21, 2009
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Heya guys,

This may be a totally absurd question but... is there a major problem with buying a refurbished camera? I understand what refurbished means, I just want to know if it's a common thing or not. I like pretty, shiny new toys but if it would save me some money without compromising the end result then I'll take it ;)
Refurbished is not considered "Used".

Refurbished equipment is considered new equipment that was returned to the manufacturer due to a defect, repaired ... and now cannot be resold as "New".

Used items have been purchased new, used by the owner for any time period and is being sold by the owner or sold to a store for resale.

I have no problem with purchasing Refurbished equipment ... especially since I primarily purchase Used equipment (which requires more attention).
I bought my XTi "used" and I have yet to find something that is wrong with it. I love it! Just make sure you get a good amount of pictures of something you can only look at online before buying, make sure there arent any defects/scratches/ect that werent mentioned.
Sweet advice.

I actually decided to purchase a refurbished Canon Rebel XTi. I found one for a good price, at least I think so, on Adorama. Thanks for your help.

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