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Mar 5, 2009
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Liverpool, UK
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I have just uploaded my new site and would like any comments and help to make it better.

I know that there is little in the way of content at the moment but I plan to build up a larger portfolio of work that I am truly happy with to display.

I am quite new to this but I really want experience. If anyone needs a photographer or photoshop operator within the North West of England send me an e-mail. I will work for FREE - my details are on my site


well your website is clean and simple - which is good.
but i would work on your text in the about!
as for the gallery - if you let user scroll at list give them bigger images to see.
Thanks alot mate,

I see what you mean about the picture sizes. I guess they could do with being a little bigger. I will tidy up the about section as well.

Thanks again
Try out the airtight simpleviewer to clean up your gallery. It looks good, but is annoying to have to scroll.

agreed. breaking the h-scroll isn't the best idea. as most people want to use their mouse/trackpad to scroll which limits them to vertical scrolling (not always, but most).

also, the using images for text (galleries & about) does not make for the best Search Engine Optimization. Where ever possible, use text. I know this will limit your choices of fonts, but it will be worth it. however, there are flash plugins/scripts to allow using "non-web safe" fonts.

IMO, the kerning on the galleries/about tags is way too tight. I am a fan of tight kerning but that is extreme.

I do, however, like you photos. I just wish they were a little bigger.

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