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Nov 18, 2007
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Hi all,

While visiting NYC 2 weeks ago I went on the Empire State Building at night, taking pictures of all the nice city lights.. When I got home I was disappointed because most of the pictures where out of focus..

Got a few, this one is one of them, but I'm not sure which one I like better.. the lighter one (nr 2) or the darker one (nr 1).. I think they both have one.. the darker one looks nicer, but at the lighter one you can see the structure of the buildings etc..

Would like to hear your comments.. :wink: (btw, it's cropped a little bit different.. I know :D)



Thanks for comments..:D
I think color would have looked nicer on this image, tbh. It's too bland in B+W.
Both versions are excellent. Could be a postcard.
taken from plane?
hooked on phonics clearly did not work for me...

but i do enjoy the pics
i like the contrast with the B&W pics dont see much B&W pics at night so its nice to see one with alot of lighting in it.
Hello Mischa,

I like your first one the most. The black and white, to me, is more interesting then the colored one.
Of the two B&W ones I still like the first the most! ;)

vriendelijke groet, / kind regards,


PS: thanks for your comment!
Thanks for the comments :D

Just wondering Mesoam, what do you mean with : " hooked on phonics clearly did not work for me... "

don't know what phonics is.. ?? :p
I actually like the first black and white one better than the second black and white one and the color one. The first black and white one has nice, deep blacks, something that I am a HUGE fan of. The composition is good enough where I don't see anything bad about it, nor does anything stand out as unique or amazing. The sharpness is more than sufficient, and the overall exposure is good. I think it's a good shot, and the shot is best represented in its first monochrome form. Nice work.
I hate to say, but I like the color and #2 for B&W.

All are gorgeous tho.........;)

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