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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by saphoto, Sep 6, 2009.

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    Carnival ride at the state fair.

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    I like your photo #1 but there are a couple of
    things you need to attend to. It seems her
    shirt is over exposed and lacking in detail, which
    I don't quite understand because the wall
    doesn't have too much exposure.

    The other thing I notice is the sharpness of
    your subject, which is lacking. I don't know
    if this is caused by camera shake or focusing
    troubles. Her face doesn't appear to be in
    sharp focus and her right hand appears blurred.
    These things could be caused by something else
    also, so hopefully someone will post here who
    can zero in on this problem.

    I quite like your choice of background and your
    model, makes for an interesting picture.

    In photo #2 I didn't know what the subject was
    until you told us. Seems to me if you experimented
    with different shutter speeds you would get one
    that shows motion blur, yet the viewer would know
    what the subject was. The object at the bottom
    of the picture was a distraction for me. I think with
    a few of these technical things out of the way you
    would be shooting some very good photos.
    Cheers, Bob
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