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Discussion in 'Photojournalism & Sports Gallery' started by sailor, Jul 22, 2006.

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    Hi everybody,

    Im new to photography and new to this forum so i wanted to share this picture for you to comment...i have shot some stuff in my life but this can be considered the first shot that i try to think, compose and achieve...shot while in a Taxi in Lima Peru

    shot with a cannon 350 D
    thanks in advance for your feedback

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    Hey, Sailor, welcome to ThePhotoForum! :D
    I assume it is the photo "Taxi Windscreen" that you mean to show us here (when I click on the link I get to see all four photos stored at - were you stopped at a traffic light and that person gave the taxi windscreen a quick wash?

    I really like it although it is a bit dark, for it really shows some important part of life and living - not only in Peru, but Lima/Peru is representing these aspects of petty jobs to make a living in ever so many countries of this world. Good one.

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