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Oct 5, 2010
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I really enjoy photography but, I'm nowhere near as good as most of the people on this site. I had a really simple digital camera a few years ago which took amazing pictures but it took a fatal dive during a climbing trip I was on. My sister gave me her Finepix 51000 Camera which takes really good pictures on occasion but, most of the time I have a really big issue on getting lighting to work--especially since I take most of my pictures outdoors on rock climbing trips. If the sun is out the camera will take black pictures, in mediocre light I can't get the picture to not be blurry, and if there is something really bright in a picture (i.e., red shirt) everything else will be a shade of gray. I really love taking pictures but, my inability to use this camera efficiently makes me not want to even attempt them. What do I do!?

Thank you,
some of your issues sound like they're composition related while others sound plain weird...

i might be going on a limb when speaking for anyone reading in, that we all might want to see a few samples to really see what you're talking about and how we could help...otherwise...we really can't help you. unless someone happens to have the same camera and experienced the same problems as you...

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