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May 28, 2006
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I have just recently purchased my first SLR camera, it is also my first 35mm camera that is worth mentioning. It is a Pentax ME with a Marexar-CX 35-200mm wide-angle telephoto lens. I know that this is a manual focus camera and lens but I have no idea of exactly how to be sure that I get a decent picture with it so any help there would be appreciated. I have done quite a bit of research as far as brand names for cameras and lenses but I dont seem to be able to find anything on Marexar so if anyone has any info on them please share. And before anyone says it I know that the camera is older than the hills but for 20 bucks I figure its as good as place as any to start. Thanks in advance for any help.
The Pentax ME is one of the later bayonet lens mount cameras. Additional lenses are readily available. I know nothing about the Marexar lens, but it's easy for you to check it out. Just shoot a roll of fine grain [low ISO/ASA] film, focussing carefully and using a tripod and cable release. If the images are acceptably sharp. have a ball! You're all set to go. If you require more detail in the type of pictures you take, look for an additional lens or lenses in focal lengths that will make sense to you. There are many Pentax bayonet lenses around. In general, 50-55mm is good for general work. Use 100-135mm for portraiture.

Most of my day-to-day rigs are at least as old, by the way. This has absolutely no effect on the impact of the prints I make with them. Don't fall victim to the 'better camera = better print' trap. It just sells lots of cameras. Spend your time on learning lighting and composition rather than on earning money to spend for more expensive hardware. Your prints will be all the better for it.
pentax ME is an awesome camera. my advice is avoid non penttax lenses, since that cams old, lenses are relatively cheap, so you should be able to buy a good 50 mm for a good price. try to get something that's fast (low aperture) and it will serve you well.
Thanks for the advice guys. I just wish I had kept all of the old cameras that used to come through an auction that i worked at 10 years ago. I know that there were several of these cameras that went through and in the small town that i was in they only sold for a couple of bucks apiece :grumpy: You can bet that i go back and see what i can find now lol.

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