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Aug 12, 2010
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Hi guys. :) I introduced myself over in this thread, however I thought I'd jump right in and post some shots for critiquing. I am SO ANXIOUS to improve my photos, so anything you think would help, by all means let me know!

All photos below have been taken with my Canon EOS Rebel XTi (any professional-grade camera recommendations would be great too... I'm looking to upgrade!). More specifics provided for each photo.

1. This is a shot of a little boy taken at the British Museum around April 2010. He was very active, moving around constantly, and I wanted to try and capture him in a pretty candid moment. (50mm fixed lens, no flash, late morning lighting, inside, I THINK the f/stop was around 1.8 but I honestly can't remember, ISO around 100-200).


2. This one is actually my favorite photo of all the ones I've taken from the UK. Taken with my 70-300mm I think it was, no flash, early afternoon, natural daylight. I don't have a wide angle lens yet, so... had to make do with what I've got! Polarizing filter on the lens as well.


3. Pacman! A friend of mine's dog. First shot with my new 85mm f/1.8 that I bought last week. Taken at f/1.8, ISO 100, no flash, late afternoon light. Taken on the patio. Shutter speed was at least 100.


I have several more photos in my gallery that I've uploaded, though sadly most of my originals were lost in a hard drive crash. So I'm pretty much starting from scratch here!

Any and all critique welcome. :) Thanks! Looking forward to participating and getting to know the lot of you!
#1 The background is a bit distracting. Not the people so much, but the large white streak. Take care to straighten your horizon, and try not to cut off the poor boy's head. Colors seem a bit muted on my computer. IMO, there's deadspace to the right of the boy that's distracting.

#2 I really like this picture. Love the composition. Love the scale.

#3 Interesting shot - Great focus on the dog's eyes. However, the shadow across the face masks a good deal of detail. Something funky going on with the left eyeball. There's a white arc that makes the eyeball appear its not looking at you but rather just below, or past you. Yet, the right eyeball appears to be looking at your face. I think this would have worked really well with better lighting. Also, consider getting down to pooch's level.
Just a bit of lightening the shadows in PP. Cute dog, great eyes. I would suggest trying to get some shots at his level.

On the 1st one the boys missing part of his head, some sharpening around the face should help tho.
The second one has no focal point to me. What are you wanting to say with it.

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