Newer gen. Nikkor non-dx lenses on older bodies?


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Aug 24, 2007
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I was curious if my AF 50mm f1.8 will work on my Nikon FG-20? I'm aware that it won't auto-focus, but it should work, correct? I just want to know before I go and blow two rolls of film.

I tried using my DX lenses on the FG and I think it was stopping the mirror from flipping up and causing some issues. Most of the negatives were either completely blank or had a little corner of exposure.
DX lenses are not made for FX or 35mm cameras. Even if they did not dip in so deep in some cases, you would have massive vignetting as the sensor would only be about 75% covered by the lens... the rest, all black.

Non DX lenses work 100% well on 35mm film and digital cameras and reduced sized sensor cameras (unless it is a D40, where you lose AF capability). I slapped my Sigma 105mm on my father's Nikon F2a and he enjoyed a nice afternoon of shooting macros and portraits successfully.
The Nikon FG-20 will take all post AI Nikkors with an aperture ring.

This excludes DX designated lenses, and G designated lenses. All D desginated lenses should still working including those with new AF-S motors like the Nikkor 80-200 f/2.8 AF-S D which was discontinued ages ago (yes they did make an AF-S model of this lens).

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