Ngoc - Mexico wedding portrait


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Mar 20, 2009
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Kelowna, B.C.
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the bride :)

I'm not a specialist in portraits but doesn't look bad at all. Well chose neutral background against the saturated color of the skin and great use of light.

I dont like the fact that you cut her hands and her head in the left part. In this way she seems to lean on nothing. Including a small portion of the wall would have created a better impression of balance.
yeah, I like how sharp the image is, but I absolutely HATE the crop.

This looks like a crop you would see on facebook where they are just trying to include only one person in the photo that has already been taken with multiple people.

It feels really cramped on the left for how open it is on the right, I would recommend playing with the crop a bit more. if this is how you took it you could probably crop it more and improve the photo.

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