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May 20, 2010
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Went out for a walk yesterday, came across this goose in canal showing me its beautiful bottom. Can't resist to take a shot.

Picture taken with Canon 70-200 f4 is lens at ISO 800, f4, 1/200sec, 200mm. Subject is about 4 meter away. Picture is heavily crop.

I used to shot picture with 2 stop exposure compensation for brightest highlights at spot metering and get good details in the highlights. But was always curious about why my camera provide exposure compensation from -3 to +3. This is bugging me for a while now and finally I'm brave enough to take a picture with my exposure compensation crank up to +3. Histogram in camera showed that not highlights are lost but in reality details on the wings are a little bit lost.

Any C&C are welcome.


Thank you for looking.
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Nice looking shot.
Thank you guys, but the lost of details in the wings still bugging me :(
Looks good to me, this is a much lovelier picture than I was expecting when I clicked on the title lol.
Hmm.. looks like majority liked it. May be I'm overacted on my exposure on this one.
4 meter, 200mm and heavily cropped? Seriously? And those birds are big! Gotta respect dedicated bird photographers...

Lovely capture. Have you tried a monochrome conversion?
As Ron said, one tough shot due to the dynamic range. From what I can see there is some loss of detail on the top of the wings. Still a super effort.

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