nikon 18-70 and 18-135


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Aug 4, 2007
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Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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hey guys another lens question lol. Ive heard good things about these lenses and ive seen an example from photozone and a user here. Both seem quite good for the money and am wondering if anyone has had any problems. There the ones with variable aperture.
I have both of these lenses and I think they are okay. One came as the kit lens on my D70 and the 18-135mm came on my wife's D-80. I have used both lenses on both cameras with some good results.

For what they do you can get some nice pictures. I will certainly say they are very durable lens as I have put mine through he!! and they still work well. I don't think I would go out and buy these separately. Personally I prefer the 18-70 but that is probably just me.
I was considering an 18-135 as a walk-around lens, the image quality seems pretty good from what photozone has to say about it. The obvious downfalls are going to be your small max. aperture and build quality on both those lenses. But for the price range, they don't look half bad.
I have the 18-70 and I must say it's a bargain. It's sharp, build quality is medium to good with the focusing ring being very nice indeed and the zoom action not too bad either.

You will quickly realise the limits of a non-f/2.8 lens, but really for the price there's just no arguing with it. I have used the 18-135 too and like it a little less. The focusing isn't nearly as nice and there's no focus depth indicator which is a big limitation if you like to manually focus at night. But other than those shortcomings it's also a reasonably acceptable lens.

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