Nikon 55-200mm VR


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Sep 14, 2007
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I am selling my 55-200mm VR Nikon lens. I am selling because I got some faster primes and don't use this lens anymore. It is awesome shape, the lens has no scratches or marks, the glass is perfect and has always had a UV filter and hood on when shooting. This lens is a great addition to the 18-55mm Nikon kit lens
$150 - paypal is preferred, comes with all original packaging



how much zoom does this lense have. like 3x or 5x or something like that.
well it goes from 55-200 which is basically a 4x zoom, but it isn't usually thought of that way. it gives a lot more reach/zoom than the kit lens does
This is a really good deal. someone should jump on this!

I just got the same lens in the mail yesterday, and for a beginner, i think this is a really good lens to get. A perfect match with the kit lens, and really cheap.
Anyone interested in this lens?
I might be if i can find the money. Another poor college student.
Yes it will autofocus on a D40. I have only ever used it on my D40
Still available? where you from? and whats the f/stop on that?
yes it is still available. I am in NY.
f/stop from 4-5.6
this is still available, people above don't have pm enabled. I am in westchester county NY

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