Nikon Coolpix P90 anyone?

Don't think Nikon comes close in the bridge/p&s market...

I had to grab a bridge for my father and naturally looked at the Nikons.... couldn't find any specific area the Nikons were dominant in..

I bought my dad the Lumix fz-18

Check out the Canon G10 if you want a good ps...

If you want to stay with Nikon IMO would be better to spend the same money on a D40...
I tend to agree. Nikon has concentrated their efforts more into the Dslr market and, not done much with the P&S cams.
No way, I would only go with a DSLR now.
Thanks guys for commenting. Unfortunately I can't afford to go DSLR at this time. Getting a super zoom would give me most of the benefits for a fraction of the price. I've since learned of an other super zoom being released this month, the Olympus SP-590UZ Ultra Zoom - with a whopping 26x wide optical zoom! See here
I have the P90 and I see no problem in it. But then again I'm rather new to photography and still learning. Plus I didn't want to drop $700 + on a camera right now.
If you can afford a P90, you can spend just $50 more for a D40.
Ebay man! D40's are going for $400 or less used.
I just got myself a Nikon Coolpix p90, im also just starting out and so far I really like the pictures it takes. But i also am planning on memorizing my manual

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