Nikon Coopix P6000


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Aug 29, 2006
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Pittsburgh PA
I have a brand new Nikon Coolpix P6000. The only time this box was opened was to take this picture:


You can see it is new in the box everything is still sealed and the S# on the camera matches the box and the warranty. I am asking $350 the current low price for new on Amazon is $364 but PM me and we can talk.
This is a great camera, 13.5 MP, hot shoe for Nikon ded. flash, GPS to tag your pictures and tons more. I am willing to accept offers. I have one of these I use myself and it is an excellent supplement to a DSLR to not compromise quality when you need a smaller size.

So noone is even going to make me an offer here
Good luck with your sale, the price is pretty high for an internet transaction though... try ebay?
I feel like Im ripping you off, but Id be willing to buy it for 150.

I really would like that camera. and may be able to go higher.
Just in case anyone gets the wrong idea this camera is BRAND NEW IN THE BOX.

I am not selling a used camera here this camera has only bee out of the box once and has never been used, charged or, turned on.

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