Nikon D40x w/ kit lens F/S

The D40x is going for under $650 new on Amazon.

Production already stopped by Nikon, something new apparently on the way ... and this always was an odd niche lacking the AF screw-drive motor.

The D50 has held value far better because of this. It's successors weren't as functional.

Unfortunately, camera bodies reach a point where values drop precipitously... the D40/40x series isn't quite there yet since there isn't a 'replacement' out yet but informed buyers are expecting something and those wanting more functionality can pick up used D80's for not much more than this.

Got a used D50 to replace my wife's D40 - better functionality and ability to use more lenses. Didn't even try to sell the 40, she keeps it as a 'casual carry' - a step above P&S but carries the 50 when she's serious about shooting (she likes the size/weight range).

Good luck in selling but you may find that it has more value as a back-up. You're not going to be able to replace it with anything as nice for what you're going to sell it for.
I've only seen them under $600 on Amazon for the camera body as where I'm selling it with the lens.
I bought from Adorama less than a month ago. It's $560 shipped now. The camera is literally brand new, original box, manual, CD, and cables.

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