Nikon D40X...what is it lacking?


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Nov 30, 2007
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I read alot of threads suggesting the canon over the nikon.

I would like to know what the D40X is lacking compared to the Canon XT or the XTI.

Are the features of the latter really worth the jump in price? So far all that I can figure out is that the D40x may not have bracketing.
It has a much more limited range of lenses that autofocus, since it does not have an in-body focusing motor. Basically, only Nikon AF-S lenses, AF-I lenses (expensive, rare and long since discontinued) and some (but not all) Sigma lenses autofocus on it. Many new, and most older Nikon AF lenses do not autofocus, nor do any Tamrons, Tokinas or other third party lenses.

It also does not have a depth of field preview button (which may or may not be a big deal), sensor cleaning (compared to the XTi... not that the XTi's is anything but a joke).

Compared to the D80, it doesn't have the FP flash feature meaning you are stuck with a very low maximum flash speed.

Do yourself a favor and compare the D80 to the XTi. Both are good cameras.

BTW I have a couple D80's, a D40 and a D300 at the moment... I recommend the D80 as what you should look at instead of the D40x.
Also, by the way, I use an XTi at work, and I like the D80 MUCH better than the XTi... it feels better and is much more robust... the only thing the XTi is better at (in my experience) is the high ISO noise level is less.

Both lens selections (Canon and Nikon) are excellent as long as you do not limit yourself by buying the D40/D40x series.
sabbath nailed it.

Poor lens selection for autofocus...

Grab the XT if you want a cheap SLR.
Or the D80 if you want a good one :)

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