Nikon D5100, with 18-55mm kit lens, extra battery, case, and more.


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Dec 8, 2011
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the south
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Selling my slightly used D5100. Its in perfect shape. the kit lens also is in great shape. comes with an extra battery that is a real nikon battery, and cost me $50. also comes with the strap, battery charger, box, manuals, pretty much everything that comes with one brand new. this was bought in September 2011 at best buy, brand new in retail box from the store. asking $725 shipped.




bump, anyone even interested?
I'm interested... But not sure what I want yet. Bought new lenses. Just deciding if I want to upgrade my body yet. If the price was right I may just buy one.
im going to lower it to $700 shipped. i could through in a 52mm to 67mm filter adapter....haha
bump, i guess its going off to ebay today...
i may do that actually...
Well, PM me if you're interested because there's one on Amazon right now for that, and I'm either gonna buy theirs or yours. I'd just assume support a forum member as Amazon. ;)
Sold the extra battery so the price is now $675 shipped

Still comes with case logic case. Im not going any lower cause i can sell on ebay for this price plus shipping
Sold locally

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