Nikon D60 + 35mm 1.8 + 18-55mm VR

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by jacqg, Aug 22, 2010.

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    The D60, I got it from craigslist and it already got a crack when I bought it. :grumpy: Luckily, the crack doesn't really have any hindrances from the camera but the hinge is broken as well.

    The camera works perfectly and this was my first slr. Unfortunately I haven't bought a replacement yet and I'm rushing this because I really need the money.

    My asking price is only 260, or best offer. This includes 2 day priority shipping, US only. Charger included, sorry no box.




    I bought the 18-55mm VR over eBay and it was sold because the owner already had a d90 with a kit lens. No scratches/haze/fungus or anything with the lens. One part of the silver lining is gone but that's about it.

    Asking price is 120, or best offer. This includes 2 day priority shipping, US only.

    Includes box, no front lens cap.



    35mm AF-S 1.8 G

    Bought this from Beach Camera back in December 2009, it includes the original box, hood, pouch, front and rear lens cap, and everything else.

    No problems with the lens. Perfect condition.

    Asking price is 190 OBO, includes 2 day shipping.


    I sell regularly on ebay but I want to bypass the eBay fees if I can. Sale ends on Wednesday or Thursday? Then I will post this up on eBay.

    My eBay profile is HERE.

    If you can find a buy it now item on eBay that's slightly lower than my price and please add shipping with it, I will give it to you for a lower price.



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