Nikon D600 Bundle $3000


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Nov 30, 2012
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Southern California
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Hey everyone I'm selling my nikon d600 w/ nikkor 24-70 f 2.8 veikos battery pack and nikon sb910 for 3000 + shipping. The dslr has nikon warranty (registered under me) I have the receipt as well but the 24-70 doesn't (bought used). The sb 910 has everything except the gels and tripod post (someone went through my bag during a shoot and stole things from my pack) everything is under great and working condition 9/10 due to just being used. I am located in southern California will post pics. The nikon d600 has oil spots but with the warranty you can send it in to get cleaned. Will include 1 32gb and 1 16gb SD cards as well. Charger included. Post a comment here for questions pms isn't working for me. The reason I am selling is because of bills.
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