nikon d7000/d810

Dec 12, 2014
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at the moment we have Nikon d7000 which we use with sigma 18/200 and sigma 150/500 .we print out on a Epson 3880 at a2 and pano,s at 36inch long .
we now feel its time to up grade the cameras.
so do we go for the 7200 or the 810 .
if we keep the same lenses and printer will we be able to see a difference
You can't use your 18-200 on a full frame body (the D810).

The upgrade to the D7200 would be rather small or zero if you don't use high ISOs, you'd benefit
a lot more from upgrading that 18-200 lens which is ok as a walk-around lens but not that great
for anything serious. Something like a 17-55 2.8 and 70-200 2.8 is what would give a lot better
results then going from D7000 to D7200.

The D810 would be an amazing upgrade if you can afford a 24-70 nikkor or tamron 2.8 too.
Considering the way you're asking the question, I don't think you need a new camera body at all.

I'd go for lenses.
What do you use the camera for (type of photos)?

What does the d7000 not do for you?

These Panos, what general amount of shots do they end up as, how many mp or even better what number of pixels do they end up length by height?
You can't use your 18-200 on a full frame body (the D810).
You can indeed use the 18-200 on a full frame Nikon body.

I agree a new camera is likely not going to deliver as much improvement as you hope it will.
In all honesty you'll see the biggest improvement by becoming more knowledgeable and skilled at doing photography and using light rather than relying on equipment upgrades.

The D810 has 4 image formats you can choose from - FX, 1.2x, 5:4, & DX.

Nikon FX (36 mm x 24 mm) bodies automatically detect if a DX (24mm x 16 mm) lens is mounted and then only use the central DX size portion of the FX image sensor.
But the 18-200 is a DX lens and will not be able to completely illuminate the FX sensor in the D810.
That automatic detection feature can be turned off.
Some DX lenses come close to fully illuminating a FX image sensor.

Post process you can crop away those parts of the FX image frame not illuminate by a DX lens.

The D7200 and the D810 are in 2 different leagues.
The D7200 is an enthusiast grade body while the D810 is a professional grade body.
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you can get awesome photos with a descent DSLR body and a good lens, if you know what you are doing with your camera. some of of the most beautiful pristine landscapes i had seen are taken by a guy who uses either a d5200 or a d5300 body. i cant remember which one off hand but its one or the other. he also has either a D800 or D810 and its almost hard to tell if he is shooting with hte D8xx or the D5xxx just by looking at the photos.

its not always about the camera body you are using. good lenses and good photographers are probably the biggest things that will get you high quality photos. just something to think about.

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