Nikon D90 Externel Flash problem


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Jan 8, 2012
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I got a Precision Design Flash DSLR300 for a gift. I put it on my Nikon D90 and when I go and take a picture the preview shows up black. What am I doing wrong? First off I know it's not the best flash but I can't afford to buy a better one being on disabilty. So I am trying to make this one work. Photography is something I have really started to get into and want to continue. So please any help would be appreciated.

It's not a iTTL auto Flash. So you have to look at the chart on the back of the flash, based on ISO and distance to subject and set your camera to those settings in Manual Mode. Don't exceed 1/250Th on your D90
Go into your menu>Pencil>e>e2>Manual and then set the power you want

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