Nikon F2 possible light leak?


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Mar 5, 2021
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New to film. I'm most likely wrong but I have just finished a roll and scanned them. And I am irregularly seeing these annoying artifacts or something, I couldn't find anything about it, hard to describe. Where in the middle of the negative, there is a rectangular area that is much lighter in color. I have not had this happen on any other roll. I am thinking of some light leak or too much heat possibly. Interestingly I accidentally made an exposure and I probably had the lens hood on, and it also appears to have something similar happening. I will probably send the camera to Mr. Sover Wong for extended service anyways, unsure of the condition in the camera. On the negative itself it is not consistent. It will appear for a couple exposures then fine for the next few. Does anyone have any input?


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Looks like bad light seals around the film chamber. These need to be replaced on nearly all SLRs made in Japan in this era.

Light leaks won't necessarily show up on every frame. Frames shot in rapid succession may not show them at all but their effect builds when the film is motionless.
Light leaks I've suffered(and fixed)have always been at the side edges of the frame, usually caused by decayed foam at the back hinge. Most F2 vintage Nikons had an interference fit between film door and body that didn't rely on foam. Its function in those channels, top and bottom, was more about sealing out dust and moisture than blocking light. Removal never caused a light leak for me. Simply wondering if the source is elsewhere? Could also be that the film door is simply not fitting the camera body properly.

Suppose you could run a test by taping the top and bottom of the film door.
Sover has a 14 month back log the last time I checked. Get on the list, we are not getting any younger. I sent my F2 in a year 1/2 ago after a 13 month wait. It was worth it, this thing will outlast me now. I knew the foams were bad because the mirror pinged loud. I got mine in parts, repair quality ($50). It was clean but the shutter speeds were horrible and the seals were shot, dirty eye level prism. $450 CLA -repair. Worth every penny, its works like brand new and super smooth. He included process pics and a full write up. I got it back in 2 or 3 weeks from the day I shipped from US to UK. It is my main camera. I used my beatup, Vietnam F while it was being serviced.
Thank you for the input everyone I really appreciate it!
what way do the shutters in that camera run? The way its perfectly situated in those images makes me wonder if its shutter drag
what way do the shutters in that camera run? The way its perfectly situated in those images makes me wonder if its shutter drag

As far as the light suspected light leaks, you may want to do some testing to determine the cause since there may be few culprits. Write down your test sequence and you may try this;

- Load a 24 exp. roll of film and then tape the back and body seams with two layers of electrical tape to block the light then advance the film to the first exposure. place the camera on a surface where the sun hits the back of the camera and the viewfinder.
- Shoot 4 frames in full sun with a lens and adjust exposure to be correct.
- With a lens cap on, crank up the shutter to 1/2000 and f16 or 22, what ever the highest number on the lens, shoot 4 frames.
- Add tape to the eyepiece so it is sealed off completely, shoot 4 frames.
- Remove the tape on the back body seams with the lens cap on and shoot 4 frames.
- Remove the lens cap set to correct exposure and shoot 4 frames.
- Remove tape on viewfinder set to correct exposure and shoot 4 frames.

You will have 6 sets of different tape no-tape combinations to inspect for light leaks.
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