Nikon Film and Nikon Digital Lense Comp.


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Oct 12, 2008
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Well i am going to be needing a zoom lense in the next week for some things im going to be shooting.. and my english teacher has a Nikon FILM camera and has a 70mm-300mm Lense and he says it will work/fit on my D80.

Is this true?

He says that the AF just wont work but everything else will?
It should work fine except for the manual focus just as promised. Matter of fact, depending on the model of 70-300, it may even auto-focus just fine as well.

BTW, the singular is spelled "lens" and plural "lenses". ;) Your English teacher would not be pleased with this simple error and spelling (it is also not a proper noun and so no need to capitalize it unless it is used at the start of a sentence)... lol.
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There's no FILM or Digital lenses. each camp has various lenses which mount on various bodies.
What 70-300mm is he talking about? There are 3 AF 70-300 lenses all will autofocus just fine on the D80. If it's an older lens like an AI or AI-S then it won't meter correctly.
Jerry - My bad.. he would probably laugh if he saw that knowing him.

Garbz - Not sure what type.. haven't seen it before. I'm picking it up from him tomorrow and keeping it over break.

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