Nikon Gear (vivitar Series 1, film camera)

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    Item for Sale
    Nikon Gear (vivitar Series 1, film camera)

    Asking Price
    $80 / $50

    Item Location
    Irvine, California

    Item Description
    For sale is some nikon gear.

    I find that I do not have time for film anymore. Even though I love the film as much as any digital gear I have, it is simply not practical for me anymore.

    Therefore, my loss is your gain.

    For sale are Vivitar Series 1 28-90mm f/2.8-3.5 manual focus lens (nikon mount) and Nikon N8008 Autofocus camera.

    Vivitar Series 1 is known for its high optical quality and speed. When I shot nikon, half of my arsenal consisted of Vivitar Series 1 lenses. This lens is sharp and fast! Also, no zoom creep. Zoom is nice and tight and focus and aperture are smooth. I really can't say anything bad about this lens. Comes with original front cap, 67mm Rokinon UV filter and generic back cap. $80

    Next is Nikon AF N8008 AF camera. Overall it is in good condition (some small scratches on the bottom) and everything works as should. Battery still has much life left so all you need is a lens and some film to start shooting. Comes with body cap. $50

    Please send me a pm if interested.

    (I also have manual fast tele zoom, SMC-F 70-210mm, tripod and *istD with grip for sale)

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    Item Condition (Key)

    Shipping Destinations

    Shipping Charge
    $10 (more for international)

    Shipping Services
    USPS Priority Mail

    Accepted Payment Types

    Return Policy & Additional Details
    No Returns

    Please send me a private message if interested in the item!




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