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Apr 2, 2008
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ontario canada
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just wondering about the quality between nikon and sigma lenes. i found a sigma 18 - 200 on sale for around 300.00 cdn vs almost 900.00 for the nikon. i am trying to find a good all around lens
Well, one is 3 times the price of the other, take a guess ;)

With such an extreme zoom range, you will pay the price in image quality no matter what brand you go with.

As with most things, the quality will be proportionate to the cost. Your choice, really.
The Nikkor 18-200 is a very average lens, and the Sigma is worse. Photozone's tests show complete breakdown at 35mm f/4 producing unusable photos. But sharp at 18mm and 50mm. Superzooms are a complicated formula and in my opinion it's probably worth spending the extra 600 to get the Nikkor if you need a superzoom. Otherwise follow the engineer's advice. You'll get much better image quality for cheaper.
I agree -- the Nikon is amazing, and the other brands trying to copy them usually have gotten something very wrong. But, if you don't want to shell out $900... why not grab a plain old 18-55mm? It's light, easy to use, has a pretty normal range, good quality, and above all it's cheap. Unless you have a specific need for something more exotic, I bet it'll serve you very well for a long time.
One cannot globally say one is better than the other. I can name one lens from each camp that is considered a poor failure and one lens that is a world class winner.

For the 18-200, Garbz did mention that this lens is average. It is average overall but has highlights that bear attention. Such as the fact that between 50-150mm the Nikon 18-200 is as sharp as the world class 70-200 at F/11-F/13. Colour rendition is excellent and the VR is totally functional.

The Nikkor 18-200 does vignette at the extremes and is also soft at the extremes (both issues fixable in PP with a couple of clicks), but it is the best walk-around lens in the world. The Sigma is quite far behind in almost all levels of performance in comparison to the Nikon 18-200.

When walking around Disney snapping away, my 18-200 is an excellent lens and always gets me shots that I am very pleased with, however, when best quality is desired I will choose another lens each and every time.
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