Nikon Z9 For Video


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Oct 21, 2016
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There is already a topic for the Nikon Z9 overall, but the capabilities are wide ranging and the testing is going to take a lot of time. Moreover, at this stage I have not found anyone with a post about a production camera. On the other hand, apparently, delivery is expected to start before the end of the year, which is within the range of what I would call a "reasonably short delay". I am only posting one link for now. I might post another after real production units have been reviewed, but you should find similar links easily with this start point:

"Nikon Z9 Video - 8K60P & Zero Rolling Shutter??",
Posted Oct 29, 2021 by "Matt Granger", [Length 7:56]

A thought that has occurred to me is that both Canon and Nikon got into this about the same time but had very different approaches. I think that at this point, I favour Nikon's choices in bodies and the general approach of bringing out lower cost, more "popular price range" lenses first. From this point on, both companies are filling out their product lines, so there will not be such a big difference, but it has been a very interesting ride.

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