no focus on hi zoom and spot setting


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Sep 1, 2007
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Council Bluffs, Iowa
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I have an Olympus SP 550 UZ. I'm having terrible focus problems with it at Max zoom and set to spot shooting in the P mode.

When I called Olympus about this they had me open the card door and do something with the other Keys. Does anyone know what they might have been doing with the keys I can't get it to work. What they were doing was setting it to FACTORY DEFAULT.

If i set it to default with the menu nothing is corrected.

The camera focus is ok if i use another setting other than spot but i NEED the spot setting so that I can control where it focuses.

There is something else too. When I set my camera to high zoom and take ahold of the lens tube I can easily move the smaller lens tube in and out about 1/8". Is that normal? when it's not on any zoom I cannot move either tube.

Can this be the problem with my focus . When I move the tube and look through the view I does change the focus.


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