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Jun 5, 2013
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Hi, yep new here. looking to figure out how to work this new camera i just bought. Its the Sony nex-5r. Obviously I've used digital cams before but just point and shoots. No idea what the Manuel settings are for but that's what I'm here to hopefully learn. If anyone can point me to a beginner/101 wright up it would be greatly appreciated.
Welcome aboard.

1. Read the owner's manual.
2. "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson.
3. Read the owner's manual.
4. Look at a few basic art & design books, paying attention to composition.

edit: And finally, if you haven't already done so, read the owner's manual.
If anyone hasn't mentioned it yet, read the manual that came with the camera. :) Welcome to the forum.
Welcome aboard. Tons of info to learn here.

1) Read the camera manual
2) Read it again
3) Read it backwards (ok, joking here.. but seriously read it a couple times)
4) Start shooting and learning.
5) Read and watch youtube.

Here's some resources that really, really helped me out:

Forums: - beginner and advanced sections forums

Cambridge in Colour - Photography Tutorials & Learning Community

YouTube Channels:
Jared Polin ( <--- This was the single BIGGEST resource I ever had.
Terry White (for photoshop/lightroom tutorials and tips)

"Learning to See Creatively" Bryan Peterson, revised edition
"Understanding Exposure" Bryan Peterson, revised edition
"The Photographer's Eye" Michael Freeman
Welcome to the site.
Congrats on the new cam and welcome to the forum!
Thanks all. Yes I have started with the manual and will go over it a few more times. BTW this is a great forum.

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Welcome to The Photo Forum! Hope you enjoy your stay here, be sure to post more often here in the forums to get to know every one of us.

If any helps is needed, please feel free to ask away.

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