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Nov 20, 2007
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Coney Island in Brooklyn, US
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Hello everybody,

I was given this camera as a gift last year, I've never purchased any equipment on my own before because, well, I still don't really know how to use this one. I use it a lot though, and I'm trying to learn about the settings on my own for now (school is a strong consideration for next fall).

People suggest I take a lot of photos of the same subject over and over with different settings and learn from that. It kind of helps, but then I just start wondering what I'm limited to with this camera and what I'm supposed to be trying to get out of it. Anyway here are a couple examples of recent work, please critique away and feel free to edit and repost if you want. What would you have done differently before taking the picture? What about editing?

I have used a few editing tools, but nothing too fancy (most of the time not even photoshop). My goal with these was never anything commercial, but you are welcome to critique as if they were because I'm curious how a professional would use this camera (I'm assuming, though, that they wouldn't). If you found any specific resources especially helpful in this very beginner stage, I'd appreciate that too! I know I have a LOT to learn...




Hi, I am a noob as well. Here is a great link that I am learning off of and I have learned a lot from it. It has great diagrams to show you how shutter and apature works in the chapters. I own the fujifilm fine pic s700. I think it is close to the same as yours. You can look it up and compair. Anyway from that link I gave you I can take great pics now of anything in different modes and manual mode by learning info off of that link. Hope that helps for you. Happy shooting!!!
The 700 is about 3 years newer then the 5100. I have the 5100 but over here its called the 5500. The shot you have of the volley baller is good it is hard to take a shot of a moving subject with this camera and not have it turn out blury.
You can read up about your fuji's here

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