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Sep 2, 2015
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I need help choosing a camara under 200.00 Canadian. I want for general pics of family, landscape, sporting events etc. First time having a camera so would need something user friendly. Would like to do video and use with cell phone or tablet if possible. Would prefer something to carry in my pocket, nothing to big. 2 or 3 suggestions would be ok then I could pic 1. Please help, thanks
Have you thought about using your phone? The cameras on phones are pretty impressive nowadays.

Otherwise, you could go to your local camera/electronics store and browse the point and shoot cameras. Ask the person there to help you find a camera that you can link to your phone/tablet via WiFi.
Take a look at the Samsung WB250f, a good camera for its price.
Good recommendation by Rudi but I would look at the Canon Powershot 350 HS as well. Good image and video quality, WiFi to sync with phone. Easy to use. About $220 with sdhc card. Best match's amazon store pricing if you see one on there at better price.

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