North Morro Bay, CA

Marc Kurth

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Feb 26, 2009
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I really like it! ..the cloudbase is lower than the summit of the headland
in the distance...the place to the left ? masts or chimneys ?
Interesting composition!
Very nice. It's interesting that you decided to have the smokestacks in the shot.
I love that spot. Drove SF to LA many many times, and places like this made me take PCH and 101 instead of the boring I-5.

You really capture the feel of the place in your picture.

Thanks for sharing.

As for the smokestacks. Though slightly distracting, they do help give a scale of the area.
Hi Marc,

Great composition - stunning landscape shot plus the conversion really suits the image.

Would you consider cloning out the 3 modern looking pillars at the back left of the frame? For me, they don't suit this picture.

Great shot overall,

I would like to thank everyone for extending the effort to comment - I certainly appreciate that.

This image was part of a series in California Coast & Ocean magazine for a story about the issues encountered in "mixed usage" coastal areas. The 300' high stacks are attached to the natural gas fired power plant that predates the incorporation of the city. For many, many years the electric plant was the single largest source of income for the city.

Yes, from a landscape image point of view they certainly don't belong!

"from a landscape image point of view they certainly don't belong"

Oh, I don't know. Including them isn't what most people would do, but that doesn't mean they don't belong. I think it's a richer picture with them than it would be without them.
If the power plant wasnt in the shot it would be boring and be yet another picture a beach. I totally feel the choice to include it.
Very nice ... my vote is to rid of the power plant. My first take was that it looked pristine, pre-man, prehistoric ... then the stacks jumped out at me and the feelings were diminished ... my viewing pleasure lowered.

There are some photos which the contrast/drama of a beautiful scene with something less than beautiful works, makes a statement ... for me ... this isn't one of those photos.

Regardless, nice job on a very nice image.


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