Northern British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and Alaska


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Feb 5, 2009
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Last July my brother and I took a trip up north (we live in Vancouver, BC). If anyone is interested in viewing my travel photos go here: - Alaska-Yukon

Here's some of my favorite photos from the trip:

1) Prince Rupert, BC

2) Near Stewart, BC

3) Salmon Glacier near Stewart, BC

4) Boya Lake, Northern British Columbia

5) Sign Post Forest, Watson Lake, Yukon

6) Klondike Highway heading toward, Skagway, Alaska

7) Alaska Highway near Haines Junction, Yukon

8) Kluane Lake, Yukon

9) Thompson Pass near Valdez, Alaska

10) Fish in Valdez, Alaska

11) Fox Lake, Yukon

12) Yukon River, Dawson City

13) Dawson City, Yukon

14) Top of the World Highway, Yukon

15) Tombstone Mountain, Yukon

16) Frances Lake, Yukon

17) Bison in Norther British Columbia
Great pictures, thanks for sharing. I especially liked #11. I think you've got a good eye, keep it up.
Nice look at something a little more remote than me.....after all, I've lived in big cities and now reside on an island.........
Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.

I've been up that way once, but it was a rushed trip with little time for photography. I did get one decent shot of a boat on Muncho Lake though.

I'll definitely check out your site.
Those are wonderful images. What lense(s) were you shooting with?
Those are wonderful images. What lense(s) were you shooting with?
Thanks for all the kind replies from everyone. I was shooting with all four lenses in my signature, but mostly the cheap 18-105mm nikkor (well it's a decent kit lens!). This is mainly for convenience because that lens has a good range -- it's a good 'walk-around' lens. I actually wanted to replace this lens with some better glass before I went on the trip but I didn't. I'm now thinking of getting the newly announced Nikon 24-120 f/4 VR2 in order to be full-frame ready when I upgrade hopefully next year.

Overall I was changing lenses many times a day depending on where we stopped. And I also had a polarizer on my lenses most of the time.

I've been on photo trips before, but never this long. We were gone 3.5 weeks and drove 11,607 km. So we were on the road a lot! Plus we were camping the entire time, only stayed 1 night in a motel.

The thing I learned the most on a trip like this is how difficult it is to photograph things while you're on the go. As I drove through areas I didn't have time to stop and wait for better light or better weather. So there's definitely a lot of stuff I saw that were missed opportunities -- especially Alaska's Kenai peninsula which is gorgeous but it rained most of the time we were in that area.

Being prepared with the equipment is important especially for wildlife. Several times I saw wildlife but had a wide angle lens on my camera. There's simply no time to switch lenses when you're on the road and often nowhere to pull over on the side. And by the time you do, the animal is gone. Having two camera bodies (one with a permanent telephoto on) would be a good idea!

Otherwise it was a very good trip and was a good overview for me. When I go back to the Yukon I will know where and how to get to the good spots.

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