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Nov 27, 2007
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Hi everyone

I'm a noob and I'm just jumping right in (downright rude of me, I'm sorry!)

Roughly a month ago two people in Tuscany wanted to use my aerial photos of an Abbey (shot from a balloon) in their adverts for their businesses (one was a villa, the other a photo workshop held in that very Abbey).

Here is the photo:

The villa-person offered me a nice bottle of wine. I was going to try to barter with the other gent for a workshop lesson with him in exchange for the license to my photo. I took off for Portugal shortly after this email conversation and I just got back to him recently.

At any rate, he declined the barter offer as the photo workshop is over 1000 euros. I'm not a pro photographer and in fact just having the exposure is thrilling. He would use my name on the photo in his brochures, his website... I'm trying to think of some other creative thing to swap that isn't going to cost him much (or any) money but would make me feel I'm not just giving the photo license away. It truly is just a snapshot - taken with my SD800 IS.

Thinking creatively - what would you think, what would you ask? I'm not concerned about money, not yet anyway (not a professional here...)

I had a wacky idea about asking him to help me to get an exhibit of sorts, of my 5-6 very best Italy photos, in large format in that Abbey for a period of time. I'd have my name on them, brochures with my photo links and contact info (remember here, fantasy only right now...) and so on. Stupid idea? More trouble than it's worth? Clearly I'd have to ship the photos there, make sure they were being used appropriately, retrieve them, and so on... but how cool to have an exhibit there.

To be honest...he's not losing out if he's giving you free lessons...that's a great picture, and I think if he wants to use it for every advertisement and brochure...he better be damn sure he's gonna have to pay you for it. A free workshop would be a fair trade if you ask me. Though..if he's not willing to do it...I don't think I'd want him to do a workshop for me...
I dono man. The exposure is good, but he's ripping you off if it's gonna be on every piece of print he has.
I agrea. If he had to retake your shot, how much would it cost him? He would have to hire a plane, baloon or a helicopter to do it. None of which will be cheap. Plus someone would have to take the picture. You had nice wheather and the sun is at a good angle. Lets see him do a repeat. Tell him atleast $700 cash or your trade. Forget about the credit line. It doesn't matter. Nice shot by the way.
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