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Dec 30, 2010
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Did a little boudoir session with the wife. I had a huge window next to the bed that wasn't really letting in that much light and was kind of busy so i decided to blow it out. Softbox was positioned 45 degree to the subject camera right powered down really low 1/64th so i could shoot wide open.

Let me know what you guys think.


Less skin is more. Your skin is great! The first looks a bit soft though! I really like the second a lot.
I agree with MLeeK! #2 is nice, she is "enticing"... #1 is a bit soft, and her expression is not conducive to the "Boudoir" feeling... she doesn't look playful, or sexy... more bored or irritated.
Thanks guys

Here's another from the same set. I was actually thinking of adding a light vignette to this one but didn't

Yea.. please don't vignette it! Much sharper... and good B&W tonality. her skin tones look pretty good.. maybe a little hot on her left arm / shoulder, but doable. You have a lovely wife! #2 above is still the best so far!
I agree with the facial expression. it looks kinda like a scowl in the 3rd pic. but other than that, looks great
I believe #2 is your best, good expression and just the right amount of post treatment. In #1 I would clone out the black strip running up the left hand side.
#3 is nice but the expression kills it for me.
Great looking model though.

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