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Feb 12, 2012
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N.E. Ohio
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This is a shot from the rain forest room at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. If it does not belong here feel free to move it.

They are in the winter cycle, so it is a bit on the cool side and they are not releasing any more butterflies till they start the warmer cycle. This is the only shot that I could get. It was at least 20' away and up in the air. I had to go from the 5DMKII to the 50D and put a 1.5 TC on the Sig 150mm macro to get this shot. Hope you like it. I thought it was interesting how they were all huddled together.

Canon 50D under 1/200 sec, ISO 1000 (?) twin flash, Sig 150mm macro with a Kenko 1.5 TC, handheld.

Wow that is cool!

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