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    Safari users have had these features for quite some time but a headsup to all the Firefox users out there. Firefox 3 is coming out soon and the updated rendering engine is colour managed. YAY. Cheers from the crowd. Dancing in the street. This is good new right?

    WRONG! Actually this is going to cause problems. It seems now the only browser that is not colour managed is (surprise surprise) Internet Explorer. This means that when we migrate to the new Firefox 3 we need to take extra care to ensure that our colour profiles are the standard sRGB and not AdobeRGB or ProPhoto as some of us use .

    Remember colour profiles are not a standard. sRGB is a standard, and an image that may look fine to us may look like it was eaten and thrown up again to the majority of the world who haven't seen the light and repented from their buggy internet explorer ways.

    Think I am over reacting? Do a forum search for issues with people uploading their photos onto the internet and then complaining about them looking crap. Well those complaints will disappear, but not because the problem is solved.


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