Sorry. I'm from Va and use a Canon.

but I'm bored..
I'm a New Yorker Nikon!!
i have a pentax..... i bet you dont know a single person who owns a pentax.
I know one, He shoots with several of them and tends to favor Sigma lenses. Pentax makes some good cameras, if only they would market them more aggressively.
I have nothing but love :)hug::) for all the Nikon shooters. But anyone in NY who shoots Cannon. Let's take some AWESOME shoots... ;)
With so many bored NYers here, lets get together n shoot the hell out of whatever you have.

I can supply everyone with a Pentax, Olympus, Nikon, Mamiya RBs, Bronicas, TLRs, 20s vintage folders, whatever else you'd like to try but lets do it already.

If anyone wants to go out and shoot, please message me. Thanks
OK I'm in. Anyone else want to shoot.. maybe a weekday next week?

South Street, China Town, Bklyn Br, Central Park, Bryant Park, Highline, Wall Street?

Name your poison?

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