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NYC Photos C&C


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Apr 6, 2010
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New York City
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Most of these photos are taken from SoHo and near Penn Station.
My flickr photo stream can be viewed here: Flickr: everlanding's Photostream

Wood Grain Bike

B&W Shot


Native Statue Outside a Deli

In Color

​Bike Woman
First two, car bumpers. Just a slight body move or camera move would have gotten rid of those. First one clipped the bikes back tire off.

4 and 5 do nothing for me

3 is a decent shot, just wish he were on the other side of the frame since he's looking off frame where he is now.
You have NYC in the title of your thread, but only the last one has something (the yellow taxis) that says New York to me. The others could be anywhere.
I have a feeling all of these (at least #1 #2 and #4) were shot at standing height. Next time, crouch, kneel, lay down. Your shots will be much more interesting.

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