Obama Was Here, (or "As close as I could get")


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Dec 24, 2005
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Which wasn't very close at all. But it was fun just to see him land and take off. Also the police activity was an extra delight.

I made a small flash gallery with about 50 pics click here

Below are a few quick shots




I have shot that very chopper in the past.....wish I could find those pictures....

Well it was over a decade ago, so it may not be that very chopper but I had several of the presidential heilo.
Very cool. I love the one of the 'copter. Was it landing/taking off from the street?
Thorhammer-Photos taken in daylight! Well, has the world seen this before??? ;)
That last one has quite some nice action, what with the kids' reaction to the helicopters landing (or taking off, whatever). :D
Try living less than a mile from his house. I hate it when they close up his street and there's a billion cops all around :-/

Oh well, I did get to see the helicopters too, but didn't have my camera.

Did anyone try to bother you about shooting?
I checked out your pics & you did great in shooting this event the best you could. Reminds me of the time I when my Chief (of police) assigned me & several other officers to assist the Secret Service in guarding President Reagan when he was in Bradley (a long time ago). It was an experience I'll never forget. Glad you got to do this and thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

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