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Jun 27, 2003
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here's a few of my photographs .. feel free to comment, critique and constructive critisim :lol: ... i've been "shooting for about one month now (newbie amatuer) ... i still need to learn the "technical" side, lighting and such ... whats your take on these?? ... *they've been resized and compressed for web*




Not bad at all. Let me guess the lighting on the beads... 1 lamp with a yellow shade and a flash :D
i didnt use a flash on the beads, i used a small lamp for lighting and i beleive i tweaked the color in photoshop
the photo of the door knob and the banister, i just used the natural sunlight ... im not a fan of flash (only when absolutely neccesary) ... the time most likely i will use a flash is for "fill in" ight ... if its really sunny outside.. otherwise, i will play with the manual and the iso
The middle two are great in both composition and technique. Very professional. The first one is nice, but doesn't hold my attention...the last is not really my bag.
Very interesting shots, you have an eye for your subjects.
Personally I would've liked a little more DOF on most of them especially the first one which is my favorite.
I guessed flash cause of the look of the highlight. It looks to me like there are 2 lights being reflected, but one could be something else.
thanks for all of your comments (keep them coming :D ) ..

when my hubby gets home from work .. he's going to show me the varyings of DOF (he's a serious amateur) .. im gonna play with it for the bamboo sticks and see what i come up with :lol: ... if its a halfway decent pic, i'll post it :p
oh wait, i had 2 lights, one is a little light with a paper cover and the other is a small lamp ... thats what it is :D ... thats the reflections that u see :p
unfortunatly, u cant recapture a moment :? i cant reproduce that pic ... but i'll consider that for next time :wink:

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